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Edy Brisseaux is an outstanding Haitian musician who engaged with music as early as at the age of nine. Guitar was the first musical instrument to be learnt by him with his father who was also an amateur musician. Afterwards, he started playing trumpet during his high school life where he studied with another prominent musician Michel Desgrottes. When he was 17 he started to engage himself with top bands of Haiti such as: Dixie Band, Skah Shah, Caribbean Sextet, Zekle, Freres Dejan etc.

Edy Brisseaux had a long passion to form a new band to bring new sound in Haitian music and subsequently formed his own band Bazilik in 1987. The first album of the band was released after five years of the formation in 1992. Interestingly, the first album of Bazilik had shaken the music industry of the country and was recognized as an advanced project in Haitian music. In addition, he was graded as a true avant-gardist.

Edy Brisseaux introduced Rabop, a new style of music in 1997. Afterwards he released four more albums and also conceptualized another style Konpabop. He was also engaged in recording and producing other artists.

Besides his trumpet career he is best known for bringing CDs to public. Edy Brisseaux has a van, very popular to people, named "THE RED TRUMPET" which is  a portable CD store and is use to go to popular areas in New Jersey, Boston, New York frequented by Haitians.  This has made him consider expanding his own franchise to run more vans for selling CDs. (HaitiObserver.com November 06, 2012)